Also available as an internship.

The Wilderness and Ranch Management Training covers vital tourism management skills and provides real world challenges that teach you to manage your business in the wilderness tourism industry.


Gain real life experience that prepares you for managing your own business.

The Wilderness and Ranch Management Training Program is designed to cover every aspect of a wilderness lodge operation. We have refined the program into three departments. The kitchen department covers cooking, serving, housekeeping and wilderness applications. The office department covers basic administration duties, accounts, reservations and sales and marketing. The ranch operations department covers maintenance, animal husbandry, natural resources and seasonal operations. Each department has four modules and progresses from entry-level duties to a management level. In each department, you will be challenged with unexpected scenarios facilitated by living in a remote wilderness location. These will test your problem-solving skills and will mean you need to be flexible and adaptable. A solution-orientated mindset, positive attitude and a responsible and initiative-taking mentality are intangible skills that you will need to thrive in this environment.



The program is set up so you can study full time one month at a time for up to 6 months. Alternatively modules can be completed at different times according to your schedule.

The program allows you to get the “hands on” training experience that is crucial to gaining employment in the wilderness tourism industry. This is done on site in our operating wilderness guest ranch environment. During the Wilderness and Ranch Management Training program, you will:

  • Discover first-hand what it takes to run a successful wilderness tourism company and put those principles into practice

  • Develop your management skills through real world training

  • Learn about the industry regulations and relevant associations and organizations

  • Learn how to promote a supportive, inclusive and empowering environment and market to guests who are looking to get involved in their trip, not just be catered for

  • Learn how to foster symbiotic tourism business relationships with associations, organizations and other tourism businesses

  • Identify and focus on target goals for your branch of the company

  • Learn how to be a manager who acts with definite purpose, instead of one who wastes time reacting to unimportant matters

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