Zoom into the Canadian wilderness and improve your outdoor photography skills.


Have you ever wanted to be a professional nature photographer?

Here is an opportunity to learn what makes up the foundation of a professional photographer by reviewing the basics of photographic composition, lighting and design, with an emphasis on the image, whether produced with an iPhone or the latest DSLR camera. We will share our experience with narrow time-frame opportunities such as lighting or animal wake and sleep cycles to give you the best chance of capturing the image you are looking for. We will share our personal insights on how to maximize your time, especially when your window of opportunity may be limited and under less than ideal conditions. At the end of each day we will have a group review of everyone’s photographs, followed by the fundamentals of image processing with Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.



Any work undertaken in the wilderness comes with unexpected challenges that require you to be flexible and adaptable. A positive, solution-orientated mindset and responsible and initiative-taking mentality will allow you to overcome these challenges and experience a transformational journey. You will become empowered to face any challenge the wilderness throws at you. As part of the Wilderness Stewardship Foundation, the Wilderness Training Academy is passionate about environmental conservation and stewardship. Accepting our responsibility as wilderness stewards requires an understanding of the natural conditions of the ecosystems that sustain the wildlife that depend on them and a dedication to protect them. You will have the opportunity to record wildlife sightings of the various wildlife species, as well as collect grizzly bear hair samples from territorial marker trees. By assisting in this way, you will be helping us to gather valuable data that contributes to accurate population estimates and determines healthy carrying capacities for the wildlife that call these valleys and mountains home.

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