How can we guide you through your learning journey?

Each and every one of our training programs, both online and experiential are created with our Three Pillar philosophy of Personal Development, Nature Connection and Conservation and Stewardship as their foundation. These Three Pillars shape our content to create a transformational experience for you, as much as you are ready to invest in yourself.



All our courses and training programs are a journey towards empowerment, personal fulfilment and self-development. Every course is a lesson in self-responsibility. If you seek to create change, then you must begin with yourself.

Is this Ecotherapy?

According to WebMD and GoodTherapy, ecotherapy is a term referring to a range of activities involving nature that can improve physical and mental health, overall mood and even life satisfaction.

Ecotherapy stems from the belief that people have a deeply rooted connection with nature, whether they know it or not, and that living in harmony with the environment can be extremely beneficial.​

Although we are not licensed ecotherapists, our training programs and courses happen to include a wide range of accepted ecotherapy activities and techniques, including:



We work in close partnership with Chilcotin Holidays and the Chilcotin Ark Institute and are a part of the Trails to Empowerment community. The content for our training programs is created in collaboration with our partners.


When you connect to nature you also connect to yourself, because your very essence is nature. The modern world has forgotten how deeply rooted we are in nature’s network, and that a disconnect from our roots causes us to feel incomplete and unfulfilled. In our training, nature is our greatest teacher and a doorway into living more consciously as it increases our awareness and spiritual connection.



We want to inspire people like you to become stewards of the land. Dixon et al (1995) define stewardship as “the moral obligation to care for the environment and the actions undertaken to provide that care. Stewardship implies the existence of an ethic of personal responsibility, an ethic of behavior based on reverence for the earth and a sense of obligation to future generations.” All our training programs include a conservation and stewardship course  to educate you about the importance of conserving the environment.



The Wilderness Training Academy is part of the Trails to Empowerment community. They are a supportive community, striving to become their best selves in a nature environment. On their website, they share their philosophy and inspire you with stories, videos and podcasts about community members' transformational journeys.



Chilcotin Holidays facilitates your connection with nature, stewardship of the wilderness and personal empowerment through wilderness experience trips including horse trips, training programs, hiking, fishing, wildlife viewing and much more!

Chilcotin Holidays has contributed to much of the training program content.



The Chilcotin Ark Institute is committed to creating and managing a working landscape, facilitating and executing research projects. 

5% of every training program purchased from the Wilderness Training Academy is used to support conservation efforts in the Chilcotin Ark. This allows you to make your contribution to nature.

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