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For 30 years, our partners Chilcotin Holidays and the Wilderness Stewardship Foundation have been operating in the South Chilcotin Mountains, passionately integrating our Three Pillar philosophy of Personal Development, Nature Connection and Conservation and Stewardship into all that they do. As the foundation of our philosophy, these Three Pillars shape our content to create a transformational experience for you.



All our courses and training programs are a journey towards empowerment, personal fulfilment and self-development. Every course is a lesson in self-responsibility. If you seek to create change, then you must begin with yourself.


When you connect to nature you also connect to yourself, because your very essence is nature. The modern world has forgotten how deeply rooted we are in nature’s network, and that a disconnect from our roots causes us to feel incomplete and unfulfilled. In our training, nature is our greatest teacher and a doorway into living more consciously as it increases our awareness and spiritual connection.



We want to inspire people like you to become stewards of the land. Dixon et al (1995) define stewardship as “the moral obligation to care for the environment and the actions undertaken to provide that care. Stewardship implies the existence of an ethic of personal responsibility, an ethic of behavior based on reverence for the earth and a sense of obligation to future generations.” All our training programs include a conservation and stewardship course  to educate you about the importance of conserving the environment.


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The Wilderness Training Academy is part of the Trails to Empowerment community. This community has been created by people like you - people who want to learn from wilderness and nature, invest in themselves and seek to make their contribution to the world. We are here to inspire and guide you on this journey. Join us for inspirational content and to learn how to become a community partner



We work in close partnership with Chilcotin Holidays and the Wilderness Stewardship Foundation. The content for our training programs is created in collaboration with our partners.



Chilcotin Holidays was incorporated in 1990 to bring guests, students and community members closer to nature through transformational wilderness experiences. Every guest has the opportunity to take part in local conservation efforts by getting involved in population counts, scouting and tracking of wildlife. They are able to become a part of responsible land management as they learn about the invasive and native plants in the area. Guests learn how to saddle and care for their horses, how to take more responsibility and act consciously of their impact. This is a truly empowering experience for Chilcotin Holidays' guests who embark on a transformational journey.



The Wilderness Stewardship Foundation was established in 2008 to unite resource users in the South Chilcotin Mountains in collaborative conservation efforts, ensuring environmental sustainability into the future. Each member of the WSF is a steward of the land to protect this environmentally significant area which is highly biodiverse in flora and fauna. The WSF's work includes population counts and data analysis of the wildlife species in the South Chilcotin Mountains. They are also involved in habitat restoration and invasive plant removal. They collaborate with other organizations to ensure a holistic approach to land management.

5% of every training program purchased from the Wilderness Training Academy is used to support conservation efforts in the Chilcotin Ark. This allows you to make your contribution to nature.


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